What parents say about Appletree Day Nursery

"Fantastic nursery, made by the fabulous staff."

"Great variety of experiences (i.e. walks, pizza making, donkey etc)."

"Happy with child's development at Appletree and helped them be ready for school."

"The staff are fantastic - "thank you for all you do!"

"Thank you for how you have supported us all during our separation - it has been such a comfort to know how well you care for our boys."

"Would highly recommend and great advocate for the nursery ."

"When I had concerns about how my child was settling in, they were handled so well."

"Parents Evening was invaluable. After speaking to daughter's key worker, I really understand their plans for her development."

"I was unsure about nurseries before my son started but this has been such a good experience."

"Thank you for making each day full of fun and active learning. My son has blossomed in confidence."

"I think the trips you do are particularly fantastic and I don't know of any other nursery that goes to the trouble you do to get the children out into the community."

"The nursery is well equipped with toys, books and learning resources. I like the way they label objects with French words too, to introduce a new language to the children. "

"I am so impressed with the team at Appletree. It really does feel like a ‘home from home’. I also wanted to feedback to the kitchen staff that the food seems to be going down really well. There’s a lot of variety and all seems yummy and healthy."

"Thank you so much for allowing my little girl to start Forest School today. She’s had a fabulous time and came home full of beans and excitement. She's had a ball telling me all about it. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity!"

"We would like to extend our gratitude for making last year such a wonderful first year for our son. He has settled in so smoothly to the Hedgehog room, and it is with everyone's love and care that he so enjoys his time at Appletree. It was beautifully demonstrated for us when, during the Christmas concert, he sat with Shirley and sang the songs with her. We couldn't wish for a better extended family for him to go to! An extra special thank you for making the Christmas period so memorable for us. From the special concert to the ornaments and cards, we will enjoy them for many years to come.""

"When you announced you were starting Forest School I was very excited. I’d read about the concept and was keen that as soon as Alastair was old enough, he could have that opportunity. For both of them, this has been amazing; going out into the woods, relying on their imagination, working with and exploring the environment, and generally having fun adventures. I love that they’re leaving the nursery, going out into the “wild” and seeing what is going on – the changing scenery, different teams working on managing the woodland, the man who was studying the different types of butterflies. These are all new experiences that they wouldn’t have had, if they had stayed in that day. Brilliant, I couldn’t ask for more.

I would like to thank each and every member of staff who has worked with Thomas and Alastair for their dedication and hard work. My boys have grown, and have been very happy and confident in your care. You understood them and worked with them to move them on to the next stage.

The garden and the range of areas available for the children to play in are fantastic and the addition of the growing patch was amazing. I love that the children are harvesting the crops, learning about where food comes from, and then hopefully enjoying eating what they have picked.

What you all do is brilliant. Keep looking for new ways to inspire the children and get them as ready as you can for the next stage of their development – be that going on to school or moving to a different setting.

Thank you all. Over the summer Alastair has come on in his self-confidence and he seems to be very happy at school. The grounding you have given him has been the best we could have wished for."

"Thank You Angela for all your hard work and your team. We do appreciate all that you do to keep our children safe. "

Child hanging up her coat Children at Forest School